Sapphire Coast Bushfire Sprinkler Systems specialise in the sales and installation of fire protection sprinkler systems, specifically designed to protect your home or building from bushfire attack. The systems are based on having an adequate independent water supply and the installation of appropriate sprinklers that deluge and drench all vulnerable external surfaces of your dwelling or building in advance of and during a Bushfire or any other fire event.

The protection systems are powered by either a petrol or electric start diesel pump that are independent of mains water or power supply. Town water and mains power cannot be relied upon during a major bushfire event. Additional features can include remote control activation automatic injection of Fire Suppressant Retardant and also the ability to have a fully automatic computerised operation of the system that is activated by the use of smoke detectors and heat sensors. Ideal for people who are non residents or are just away.

A key element in the systems design is the use of various copper, brass and stainless steel sprinklers and their ability to provide a solid water barrier between your home and the radiant heat of the fire front and to drench and put out burning embers that are wind blown and accumulate against the external surfaces of your home. Wind blown burning embers arrive in advance of the fire front and are generally responsible for the ignition of most homes during a bushfire event.

We operate out of Pambula/Merimbula in the Bega Valley Shire on the Far South Coast of NSW and service the Sapphire Coast and Monaro tablelands area of NSW and down into the Wilderness Coast of North Eastern Victoria.

We are suppliers and also agents for the Bushfire Pro Alleviation Systems proven Sprayer/Sprinkler Systems for Rural, Residential and Commercial Bushfire protection.

We pride ourselves in doing the very best quality work and providing the best possible bushfire protection to your biggest personal asset your Home, from the ravages of fire.

Sapphire Coast Bushfire Sprinkler Systems save family home. View footage below:


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