Sapphire Coast Bushfire Sprinkler Systems Pty Ltd

ABN: 65 145 226 124

Fraser Buchanan is my name. I am the owner of Sapphire Coast Bushfire Sprinkler Systems Pty Ltd, I have a lifetime of experience working in building and similar industries, with multiple welding, steel fabrication and general building skills. Iíve also done 16 years of satellite & TV antenna installations plus 3 years of Golf coarse irrigation. I have accreditation for a Tafe NSW Bushfire Sprinkler Protection Coarse..

Living in a high bushfire risk environment on the Sapphire Coast of NSW (Pambula). Facing the continual fear of fire looming each season, particularly in recent years with the such devastating fires that have ocured in various parts of Australia. It was this continual fear that inspired me to build an initial sprinkler system for my own home, of which I used a full copper system incorporating butterfly sprinklers. I then did another similar installation for someone else.

As a result of being approached by yet another person wanting a bushfire sprinkler system, I was researching various sprinkler types, looking to find something more water efficient & effective . I discovered the HD10 sprinklers and the Bushfire Pro System of which I was most impressed. The HD10 Sprinklers offer incredible coverage, adjustability and water efficiency. After meeting with the proprietors of Bushfire Pro, I was interested in installing their system, covering the southeast of NSW and northeast Victoria areaís. I have now installed quite a few of them. All customers are more than happy to vouch for quality of the systems and our workmanship.

We have now been developing and designing residential sprinkler systems for the past 6 years and have developed a strategy of horses for courses, each house is very different and has individual needs. I have found HD10 sprinklers, some Tyco wide angle spray jet sprinklers and various butterfly sprinklers and others all suite certain applications.

We are now installing protection systems on RFS (NSPís) Neighbourhood Safe Places. These are last resort destinations for people to go to in fire prone areaís during a fire. This says a lot about the quality of our systems.


Our main focus is the Far South Coast area of NSW and northeastern Victoria area, basically anywhere within a couple hours of the Pambula/Merimbula area. We pride ourselves on doing an excellent job and will be located reasonably nearby to help with any operational and maintenance issues that may arise.